Aaron Ciechanover, MD
Former Provost and Senior Vice President Tufts University Massachusetts

The STEP Fellows have remain engaged in the program and with each other as colleagues and friends. Importantly, these young Israelis and Palestinians have gone on to start their own cooperative programs. The intensity of the students’ engagement and their commitment to the science diplomacy mission is evidence of STEP’s uniqueness and success.


Being a STEP Fellows means that I will be a member of a great community that has an amazing cause which is defining the real need of global science which is love and peace.

Rob Dixon, PhD
Former Deputy Head of Mission The British Embassy, Tel Aviv

This program is special. And you guys are special. We wish you weren’t so special in many ways. We wish that this program was part of normality, that crossing the divide wasn’t such a unique set of circumstances.

Nihaya Daoud, MPH, PhD
Senior Lecturer Ben Gurion University

I also believe that researchers have a role, more than just doing research and publishing and working in the lab. They also have to do social change and this is the social change we can do. Just by working together and showing that we can do this. We have a very strong message to politicians, yes: Peace is possible and we can do this change.

Tal Burstyn-Cohen, PhD
Researcher and STEP Mentor/Faculty Hebrew University, Jerusalem

I just see it happening on the bench. We have some conflicts or the experiment didn’t work out, and come help me on this, and it generates this closeness and also, it overflows into daily life and it also overflows into conversations that are outside of science and I think this is the essence of STEP.

Rivka Carmi, MD
President, Ben Gurion University and Steering Committee Member, STEP

The scientific achievements of these young people, as well as their public and community roles are nothing short of a miracle. But more than anything, the amazing relationships, even friendships, that were created by this cadre of future leaders are all living bridges of coexistence and peace.

STEP Fellow
STEP Fellow and PhD Candidate Ben Gurion University

Being a STEP fellow has a benefit to our work together and to our friendship. In addition, the STEP fellowship introduces us to other STEP fellows and faculty members. The feeling of commitment to the STEP family gives a very satisfied feeling of community and support.


Allen Taylor, PhD
Director STEP

STEP is advancing the careers of its Israeli and Palestinian Fellows, improving their communities, and enabling them to share cross-border friendship.

STEP Fellow
STEP Fellow and PhD Candidate

STEP forces you to engage more with your surrounding and open your eyes to new points of view…to start dealing with your colleague as a friend. We often talk about how our two peoples can coexist and thrive.

Ziad Abdeen, PhD, MPH
Professor and Founder Al-Quds Nutrition and Health Research Institute CISEPO Program Director, Palestine Faculty of Medicine, Al Quds University, Abu Dies, West Bank

Advocating a culture of peace  amongst populations in conflict areas is not a mere concept but an agenda.