Meet STEP Fellows



Hasnaa’ and Shira (PhD Candidates) work in the same laboratory on “innate immunity”.  Hasnaa’ applies her research to periodontitis. Shira applies her research to multiple sclerosis.








Ikram and Barak (Ikram is a PhD Candidate; Barak is an MD-PhD Candidate) join forces to untangle the complexities of Leishmaniosis and Brucellosis in Palestine and Israel.





ahmaddanlaugh2Ahmad and Dan (Ahmad is a PhD Candidate; Dan is an MD-PhD Candidate) work together to develop new models of healthcare for Israelis and Palestinians. Ahmad studies the epidemiology of diabetes; Dan studies the epidemiology of autism.)






Tomer and George (Tomer is a PhD Candidate; George is an MS Candidate on the PhD Track) are working together to develop social media for Israeli and Palestinian emergency responders and the public to use during natural disasters and other crises.