Meet STEP Fellows


Shira and Heba work in the same lab at Hebrew University where they are using new big data approaches to predict optimal chemotherapeutic treatments for cancer.







 Nasr and Michal, Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, are researching what incentives farmers have to vaccinate their animal herds against zoonotic diseases. Zoonotic diseases are transmitted between animals and humans.__







Ahmad and Dan, Ben Gurion University, work together to develop new models of healthcare for Israelis and Palestinians. Ahmad studies the epidemiology of diabetes; Dan studies the epidemiology of autism.)

Dan and Ahmad have been selected as the 2019 STEP Prior Fellows for their extensive work together outside their academic requirements.  This is Year 3 that Dan and Ahmad have brought global health students from Ben Gurion University to Augusta Victoria hospital to teach about the Palestinian health care system, as well as a course on health care in conflict-ridden societies.



 Aya and Noa, Hebrew University,  are using the most modern biochemical tools to understand diseases that are caused by faulty regulation of gene function.








 Muna and Danielle, Hebrew University, work in the same laboratory. They are elucidating the role of endocannabinoids in stages of pregnancy. Danielle and Muna are the first recipients of the STEP-GTP Sisters Award.